Jon Proby

Born and raised in Los Angeles, from the rough realities of South Central and Ingelwood to the media centers of Sherman Oaks and Universal City, the roots of an artist were formed. Raised by a single mother, Thelma Proby Thomas, who pressed him to value his creativity, Jonathan has grasped the reins of his relentless spiritual and political evolution and delivered the artistic zeitgeist of our modern tumultuous era.

Through archetypal, symbolic representation, almost Tarot like, RawTheory weaves a tapestry of occult insights and socio-political commentary that forces its will onto the viewer. Layers of meaning flash before the minds eye and only those with a passion for the multi-dimensional will penetrate them all.

His goal is to challenge and enlighten others to both the material and immaterial realities that govern and guide, that burden and destroy. He recognizes that Truth is rarely pleasant, but in its scorching light, the detritus of delusion and fear can burn away and help us forge a future where genuine creativity is valued, where we can make American Art and Culture great again.

Great Again

  • From the ashes of a dystopic timeline that forsaw the destruction of our great nation, to the reality of a triumphant Trump victory, America Rises to once again defend life and liberty with the help of Kek the Lord of Chaos and Christ, the Lord of all Lords.

A Tale of Two People

  • A tale as old as civilization itself. The multi millennial drama between the white and Jewish diaspora has defined history and continues to frame the narrative of our world today.

Alex Jones

  • Leading the fight against the Globalist scourge Alex Jones has become the personification of Patriotism and the power of American enterprise.

Modern Warfare

  • We are torn asunder. The forces of technocratic totalitarian domination and cultural Marxist oblivion rises from the euphoria of a Trump election victory to usher the world into the mire of a Deep State dystopia. Can a coalition of Nationalist champions hold back the retaliatory tidal wave of Globalist hegemonic control? Only time will tell.


  • Donald J Trump stands as the leader that We The People have voted for and thrown our support behind in our deep desire to save our once great nation and return it to its former glory. His courage in the face of unrelenting adversity shall be our resurrection.

Rise of the Republic

  • Set amongst a back drop of a bombed out neighborhood in Syria, the forces of the Global political establishment are seen relishing their position as the dictators of the mainstream narrative that envelops the minds of 100's of millions worldwide. Set above a sky overlooking the disastrous results of a failed foreign policy, the forces of the Resistance gathers like ominous storm clouds over the Lords of Chaos. The Champions of Truth, Honor, Nation, and God unite like Angels to bring divine retribution to the Tyrants of our Age

Self Sacrifice

  • Through the flames of burning Conviction, shall we gain the force of Will to lay down our lives for the good of that which our Creator demands. It is for this reason that we honor the sacrifices Trump has made, his fortune, his family, his life, to give Americans one more shot at a future worth raising children in.

Caucasoid of the Jungle

  • A Propagandist Overseer for a ruling elite. Manipulating the minds of masses to adopt an oppressor/oppressed narrative gives rise to a Machiavellian Ideology called Victimology. A demonic mental construct designed to succumb the mind and the soul to the limitations of the vessel. Once he is called, Shaun King will have earned his position amongst the Damned.

Julian Assange

  • The Savior of the 2016 Elections and the Arbiter of Truth in a Matrix of Deceit

James O'Keefe

  • The vanguard of Undercover Journalism and founder of Project Veritas, the sword of the new Fourth Estate.

Babylon 2.0

  • The feminine flow of energy in the modern day Babal, where Molech the god of Sacrifice, reaps a full harvest. Can Trumps endeavor to help an American family in need of economic restoration, give rebirth to bonds of family itself? Only time will tell...

The Crusade; Allies and Adversaries

  • Strength. Courage. Honor. Values which our modern world gives lip service to while shunning those that display them. No matter. The personal power which springs from those values will guide the warrior and his allies will be mighty. And his challengers will fall. Just as those who dared to challenge The Don have discovered.

Dystopia in Harmony

  • A world enveloped in the mad spirit of Chaos is but a symphony of wonder to the Dark Lord himself. With the U.S. at the center of this hurricane of calamity, Trumps plan to make America safe again is a welcome message of Order in an age of subversion and terror.

False Flag Nation

  • What is real and what is not? A phrase uttered from the mouths of both the mad and the scholar. I ask you the viewer, who constructs the narrative you accept as reality? Which camera view will you pledge allegiance to? Trump has shown us the nature of our mainstream media. Are you wise enough to take heed?

Game of Souls

  • Is man but a collection of his own Sins? Or shall he forge his future through the Free Will granted him? Some say life is a game. I think they are closer to the truth then they realize. George Soros makes a good Mammon, the Demon Lord of Greed. Fitting that he is aligned with Crooked Hillary against The Don.

Judgement: What is Reaped was Sown

  • The corruption that eats out at the Heart of our once great Republic has gone unchecked for far too long. At long last the rise of Trump gives hope that those that would seek to destroy our great nation for their own selfish ends, will finally Reap the Justice they so richly deserve.

Leviathan; Suffer the Little Children

  • A U.S. foreign policy of relentless aggression has sacrificed the lives countless innocents. Some would call this a failure of government. The Occultist knows the sacrifice is an end onto itself. Those that would draw the most blood will gain the most favor of their Unholy benefactor.

Requiem for Black America

  • What was once held close has been utterly lost. A people once defined by resilience, piety, and honor has been brought low to wallow in the mud of a social control grid defined by the Party that they pledge their allegiance to. Can Trump shatter the bonds placed in the minds of a demoralized people? Well, its looking better by the day...

For the Time Being

  • Death, the ultimate limitation for the mortal. As we traverse this realm seemingly defined by the material, it is the symbolic which truly defines the mechanisms of Creation. The many faces of Chronos makes his harsh rule known and they shall fear him.


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